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The Boiler Range by Angel Springs

The Eco Boiler range by Angel Springs, provides not only huge cost savings, but is also a convenient product which can save in time and efficiency too, particularly in the workplace.

Angel Springs are the UK’s longest established water cooler company and they also offer a range of water boilers which are both cost saving and useful for frequent use of hot water, such as a busy office kitchen, or canteen with many cups of tea and coffee made daily.

The Eco Boiler lives up to its name in terms of being energy efficient, with electricity being saved each time you use the boiler instead of boiling the kettle. This makes it a great household product for those with environmental concerns.

The Eco Boiler range offers fantastic value for money, and can pay for itself many times over in time.

John Murphy, Commercial Director at Angel Springs said;
“The Eco Boiler range by Angel Springs is yet another way of providing a useful service for our customers in a cost effective way.”

To find out more about the boiler range and take advantage of a free trial, visit or call 0845 370 1177