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A separate dining room is high on the wish list for more than half of UK homeowners (56 per cent), proving that the importance of chatting around the table is not a thing of the past for British families.

Despite previous trends for an open plan layout, this now appears to be a less popular choice in our homes, with only 39 per cent of those surveyed wanting an open plan kitchen/diner living space.

And while technological advances in home appliances, telecommunications and IT have made a significant change to the way we live, the majority of respondents ranked central heating as the most positive change to the home over the last 50 years (70 per cent). This was followed by indoor toilets (51 per cent) running hot water (43 per cent) and better insulated windows (41 per cent), demonstrating that warmth and comfort are still top of our priority list.

The survey of over 2,000 homeowners, commissioned by Anglian Home Improvements to mark...

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