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Siloed Data & Time Intensive Reporting Removed from Construction Projects by Aphex Update

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Digital construction planning platform Aphex puts data in the hands of the teams building UK's largest infrastructure projects with its new Insight tool, saving hundreds of hours, and thousands of pounds a week through Insight 2.0.

London, UK / December 15, 2021 - Aphex today announces the launch of its new Insight app, to replace archaic industry approaches that construction projects use for data collection, analysis and reporting. By removing the barriers to entry for project managers, engineers and site teams to update, access and interrogate project data, Aphex offers real time reporting for construction projects - from small scale domestic build sites, to multi-million pound infrastructure endeavours.

Insight 2.0 is a reporting tool that automatically analyses the performance of plans built in the Aphex platform, to give project managers data to inform decision making.

Five real-time dashboards contain industry first charting capabilities that alert teams to problems as they occur, identify key performance drivers, and help visualise the scale of impact over time:

- Production Control
- Variance
- Labour & Plant
- Materials
- Task Staus

**The problem space -** Project performance reporting has historically been a manual process of wrangling spreadsheets and building charts that takes days for project planners to complete. Combined with the speed of most construction projects this reporting lag forces project engineers and managers to make decisions based off of gut feeling, one-off examples, or word of mouth.

**Solving the issue of delayed insight -** Close to real time site performance reporting can only be solved by collecting and analysing changes to the short term plan, the next 3 - 12 weeks of a construction project. The new Aphex reporting application, Aphex Insight, runs automatically on top of the plans built and changed by teams in Aphex Planner. This eradicates project engineers and managers having to ask a planner to produce a report in order to understand their project performance.

**Solving the issue of data input -** Diminishing fears that construction tech innovations are complex, Aphex Planner has specific account settings for different roles across a construction project, as well as a comprehensive self-serve training platform. This ensures that time-scarce projects are not delayed through the process of adopting a new technology.

**Saving time for Project Directors, Engineers & Planners -** The redesigned Insight 2.0 enables project engineers and managers to understand their project performance without having to ask a planner to produce a report. Unusually for contech, reporting is accessible for all users in Aphex, giving everyone the autonomy and potential to spot and address reasons for delays and amendments before they evolve into significant, or costly issues.

**Supporting the post-Covid hybrid construction workflow -** With part of the team on site, others in the office or at home, the new Aphex reporting tools allow users to share context as well as data with others. Not only connecting the team to the data, but also to the live plan. Insight 2.0's new sharing feature is comprehensive, including static PNG, JSON, CSV and PowerBI capabilities.

"Construction engineers and planners today can spend up to 20% of their week manually extracting data about their project performance" says Jason Lancini, Aphex COO, "The new Insight tool automatically extracts the analysis teams need from the millions of planning events generated in the Aphex platform."

"Traditionally, project data sits in the hands of the planning & project controls department." Carlos Carvalho, Aphex CEO notes, "Aphex Insight ensures all team members have on-demand access to live performance data, enabling continuous and focused improvements to their delivery."

Aphex is already adopted across leading tier-one contractors in the UK & Australia. The team openly discuss product developments with their users and projects, as well as drawing on their founders' rich industry knowledge. Updates like Insight 2.0 come out of iterative dialogues with leading construction professionals working for leading contractors on some of the largest & most complex projects, as well as a genuine desire to make life easier for the people behind the plans.



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Aphex is a Lookahead Planning platform that gets everyone working, together. It replaces mountains of spreadsheets, whiteboards and meetings with a lookahead planning platform that enables everyone on the project to work towards the same goals.