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Despite bank shut downs, empty ATMs and crashing property values, not all the ex pats in Cyprus are losing sleep over the financial crisis. In fact, the 10,000 British property owners and residents in the Turkish-controlled Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) – as well as British staff in the local banks and property development companies – are this week cautiously celebrating a “swing to the North” as the first evidence begins to emerge of a new confidence and new investment in the Turkish-controlled “TRNC” . Previously viewed as somewhat of a murky investment zone, in contrast to the stricken Republic of Cyprus, the rising TRNC property values, up to 9,5% on bank savings and the strength of the Turkish-mainland banking system and economy is now producing new interest from serious investors and property seekers who have lost confidence in the European South.

“Of course we would like to see the whole of Cyprus in a positive financial situation” says Angela...

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