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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning from Merry Maids

Call in Merry Maids to give your house a total Spring Clean

With Spring just around the corner, thoughts start to turn to sprucing up our homes for the new season. If your heart sinks at the thought of all that cleaning, don’t despair! Why not let someone else do all the dirty work for you this year. Call in Merry Maids to give your house a total Spring Clean so you can get on with shopping for your new seasons wardrobe.

If you are happy to tackle the domestic chores yourself, the cleaning experts are on hand with some useful hints and tips to make the experience as pain free as possible.

1. Get Organised

Be organised and set aside a specific time each week to clean. By committing to a realistic time period that is manageable and fits into your weekly schedule you won’t end up making excuses. Try promising yourself a reward once you’ve finished cleaning such as half an hour with your favourite magazine or a nice relaxing bath.

2. A Room at a Time

Merry Maids say that one of the most common mistakes people make is randomly moving around the house. They advise that you clean methodically from room to room. This will conserve your energy and make sure that nothing gets missed.

3. De-clutter & Tidy

Before you start to clean take a few minutes to make sure that all your surfaces are clutter free. Put for recycle old magazines and newspapers, tidy away paperwork and hang clothes that may be languishing where they shouldn’t be!

4. Get the Family Involved

Merry Maids always work in a team of two to make sure they are at their most efficient, why not get your family to help out and the cleaning will be done in half the time. If your children are reluctant perhaps you could suggest that they earn their pocket money by helping to clean!

5. Call in the experts

Merry Maids’ fabulous spring cleaning service will leave your house spotless and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Merry Maids provides a bespoke service offering anything from a one-off top to toe spring clean to a regular monthly, bi-weekly or weekly clean, all to the same high standard. With over 100 branches nationwide the trusted professionals are never far away.

To find out find out more about Merry Maids log onto or call 0845 058 4730.


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