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Ice Cube Revives Carpet – Expert Tip from ServiceMaster Clean

Carpet and upholstery cleaning experts ServiceMaster Clean, understand that a new carpet is a significant investment and that keeping it looking at its best can be difficult.

You may think your carpet is in tip top condition until you come to rearrange your furniture. When large items of furniture have been sitting in the same position for a significant period of time the weight can leave lasting imprints on the carpet.

For a simple, eco friendly tip ServiceMaster Clean suggests popping an ice cube straight from the freezer onto the affected area and leaving it to slowly melt into your carpet. The moisture from the ice cube will soften and plump up the fibres of the carpet and minimise the appearance of the indentation. Then gently rub dry with a clean cloth. This will work on either woollen or nylon carpets.

ServiceMaster Clean also recommends that you occasionally rearrange your furniture to prevent marking your floors and ensure even wear of carpets and rugs.

ServiceMaster Clean can provide one off specialist cleans or regular cleans with prices tailored to your carpet or upholstery. For more information about ServiceMaster Clean log onto or telephone 0800 021 3073.

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