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Don’t Let Friends and Family Leave a Lasting Mark on Your Home This Christmas!

Christmas is on its way and so are all your friends and family. With the masses ready to descend on your home, the countdown to Christmas begins with a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm! With so many things to do, domestic chores can be the last thing on your mind however, ServiceMaster Clean are on hand to help you tick a couple off your list!

ServiceMaster Clean specialises in carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning and understands that during the festive season your flooring will receive more wear and tear than usual. Rather than spending the whole time running around, blotting up spills, ServiceMaster Clean advises that a bit of pre-Christmas preparation will not only protect your carpets from marks but will leave you free to be a fabulous festive host!

As your guests mingle and move around your home all kinds of things can accidentally mark or damage your carpet. From food and red wine spills to soil and dirt from outside, all can potentially result in nasty marks on your floors, which if left too long can become impossible to remove. ServiceMaster Clean recommends preparing your carpets in the run up to Christmas to help protect and maintain fabulous floors:

Protect and maintain:

• A deep clean of your carpet before Christmas will remove hidden soil and dirt that you may not realise is there, giving a thorough clean of the carpet fibres and preparing your floors for entertaining over Christmas.
• ServiceMaster Clean uses a bespoke cleaning product that once applied will prepare and protect your carpets, providing soil and stain resistance, perfect for any spilt drinks or food.
• Invest in a good doormat: A harsher mat on the outside to remove any grit or soil combined with a softer mat on the inside to absorb moisture will help to keep your flooring clean and looking at its best for longer.
• Always use protectors underneath kitchen tables and chairs to prevent scratching or furniture indentations.

Clean and Care:

• Before tackling any stains, test on an inconspicuous part of the carpet.
• Never use washing up liquid to remove stains.
• Blot spills immediately, never rub! When trying to remove a stain, start on the edges of the mark and work inwards to prevent it spreading.
• Ensure that the effected area is dry before you attempt to remove the stain and always allow the area to dry thoroughly once removed.

ServiceMaster Clean can provide one off specialist cleans or regular cleans with prices tailored to your carpet or upholstery. There are over 100 ServiceMaster Clean businesses across the UK. To find out more log onto or telephone 0800 021 3073.


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