A simple solution for stiletto damaged floors

Q: I invited some friends round to my new flat to celebrate New Year. Unfortunately my recently laid beech laminate flooring is now looking a little worse for wear as a result of five pairs of stiletto heels dancing all over it. The floor is now studded with dents from the heel tips. Is there anything I can do to repair the damage?

A: The dreaded stiletto mark! If you have recently moved in the last thing you will want to do is replace laminate flooring which is a costly exercise. Thankfully, {{Furniture Medic can repair laminate and wood flooring leaving little evidence to suggest any stiletto damage had ever occurred}}. As one of the UK’s leading furniture repair and restoration services, they will come out to assess the damage and offer a quote free of charge.
To repair the dents the technician will fill in the individual compressions with a plastic - based filler. Once the indentation has been levelled off and left to set the technician will blend together a finish of waxes to create an exact match to the shade of the surrounding floor, in your case, beech. Finally they will finish this off with a polyurethane based lacquer which will protect the surface of the laminate against minor marks and scratches, but not heels, so make sure your friends leave their shoes at the front door next time.

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