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Kick start your New Year’s cleaning regime with the experts at Merry Maids who have devised a five point plan to keep you on track. As the UK’s leading home cleaning company, Merry Maids understands how hard it can be to make and keep those well intentioned New Year’s housework resolutions. How often do you make a promise at New Year to keep your home looking spick and span right through until December, but never quite get past the 2nd of January? This year Merry Maids has made it their mission to help you keep those good intentions, so stick to their top five tips for sparkling results all year round.

Have a Chinese New Year
It is a Chinese New Year tradition to clean the house from top to bottom, sweeping out the bad luck of the past year and laying a clean slate for the new. In the same ethos, but once the festivities are over, give yourself a head start and deep clean the house; this will encourage you to keep up the good work.

2-4-1 resolutions
Why not save time and money by combining two resolutions into one. Top of the New Year’s resolutions list is getting fit and losing weight. So instead of shelling out for gym fees, use your laundry chores and ironing as your daily workout - six hours of housework a week burns off 50,261 calories a year.

Work as a team
Encourage your partner to share the chores and make it a New Year’s resolution as a couple. Divide the tasks up by what you do and don’t like and share the ones you both hate. Most importantly by doing it at the same time, you’ll get it done quicker. The kids can easily be incentivised to help out too with cleaning their own rooms and easy tasks around the house. A star chart which earns them an hour’s TV or DVD, prizes for some competitive cleaning or basic bribes, all work a treat.

Tricks of the trade
Take the lead from the experts and make like a Merry Maid, by employing some of their trade secrets to help you out. First, stock up on all the essential products and cleaning utensils, then assemble them into a portable cleaning kit; having everything to hand will make cleaning much easier. Start in a tidy room, working towards the entrance, from top to bottom and make sure you finish each room completely before moving on to the next. Finally work on a weekly rotation basis, giving a different room a deep clean each week.

Call in the experts
If you really can’t stick to your New Year’s resolution then don’t panic, Merry Maids will come to the rescue. They provide a bespoke service offering anything from a one-off top to toe clean to a regular monthly, bi-weekly or weekly clean, all to the same high standard. With over 100 Merry Maids nationwide the trusted professionals are never far away. For more information about Merry Maids visit or call 0800 021 3072.


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