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Simple Solutions for a Post Party Clean Up!

ServiceMaster Clean offers their insider knowledge to help you tackle all kinds of party mishaps and leave you with floors ready for the year ahead

If your New Years Eve party was a little more successful than you expected with friends, family and even the neighbours descending on your home to see the clock strike midnight, you may be left thinking that the New Year has left you needing a new carpet!

Spilt drinks, dancing relatives, muddy shoes and even cigarette burns may have left a lasting mark, that now seem impossible to remove. Rather than replacing the whole carpet, expert carpet and upholstery cleaners, ServiceMaster Clean offers their insider knowledge to help you tackle all kinds of party mishaps and leave you with floors ready for the year ahead!

Stain Removal:

As your guests mingle and move around your home all kinds of things can accidentally mark or damage your carpet. ServiceMaster Clean suggest when trying to remove a stain, start at the edges of the mark and work inwards to prevent it spreading and always test on an inconspicuous part of the carpet beforehand. A great little tip for a spilt glass of red wine is, absorb as much of the wine as possible with kitchen towelling and dampen the area with a light spray of water. Then sprinkle with plenty of talc (from those smellies received at Christmas) and cover with more kitchen paper and then a piece of plastic sheet, cling film is great! Don’t use something that can transfer colour, like a carrier bag with writing on it and leave for around 12 hours. The talc will absorb all the red wine and can then just be vacuumed away.

Cigarette Burn:

As the pile of the carpet is burnt rather than stained, restoring the carpet to its former glory is actually a job for the experts. Scrubbing alone won’t make any difference. You could try calling in a specialist company such as ServiceMaster Clean who will be able to diagnose the severity of the burn or mark and will treat accordingly to repair the damage.

For a small burn caused by a cigarette the patch can be re-tufted. This involves taking out the damaged tufts of the carpet and either re-weaving the effected area with new yarn or alternatively using individual tufts from a piece of excess carpet. If it just the very tip of a few tufts which are burnt, a quick solution is to carefully trim the top of the tufts with a pair of sharp nail scissors. This only works for a very small patch but will reduce the appearance of the mark and leave a fresh looking top to the carpet.

If the burn is quite shallow, the area of carpet can be treated with a micro shear, which is a tool unique to ServiceMaster Clean. Your ServiceMaster Clean expert will use the micro shear to trim a fine layer off the top of the carpet. This is a good solution if you have a burn up to 4mm deep and can also dramatically improve an area as large as an iron burn, however it does depend on the depth of the carpet. To blend the repair in, the area is gently feathered out giving an even appearance and leaving your carpet free from marks.

With a more noticeable mark where the burn is more severe there is the option to replace individual sections with your left over pieces of carpet. ServiceMaster Clean can replace and repair the area blending in the patch of carpet to minimise any difference in appearance.

ServiceMaster Clean Expert Tip: If you have no stain removal products to hand and need to tackle a stain on your carpet or upholstery immediately, a dab of vodka or gin works safely on most fabrics (although you should always pre-test in an inconspicuous area first) dabbing and blotting until the mark fades.

ServiceMaster Clean can provide one off specialist cleans or regular cleans with prices tailored to your carpet or upholstery. For more information about ServiceMaster Clean log onto or telephone 0800 021 3073.

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