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This year, take some tips from the cleaning experts at Merry Maids who have created a five week countdown to ensure you remain frazzle free when the big day arrives

The days before Christmas should be a relaxing and enjoyable family time. More often than not, however, we find ourselves run ragged and stressed out over last minute preparations. This year, take some tips from the cleaning experts at Merry Maids who have created a five week countdown to ensure you remain frazzle free when the big day arrives.

Five weeks to go:
1. Merry Maids say it’s all in the preparation. Begin with a de-clutter and deep-clean, clear away your ornaments, trinkets and photo frames to make way for the Christmas cards and festive décor. It is likely you will be moving furniture around to fit in the tree, so now’s a good time to get behind and under the sofa with a vacuum cleaner.
2. Clear out any old food from your fridge and freezer to make room for the festive treats you have in store. And while the freezer isn’t too full take the opportunity to defrost it.

Four weeks to go:
1. Clean and polish glass and silverware for the Christmas table and any brass candlesticks. Leave them covered with a dry dishcloth to prevent dust build up before the big day.
2. Dust off the Christmas decorations, check the lights work and give them a clean for extra sparkle before putting them up.

Three weeks to go:
1. Create a great first impression before people even enter your home by cleaning your front door and polishing the brass to a high shine, decorating with a welcoming wreath and cleaning the windows ‘til they gleam.
2. Fabrics can often harbour odours, so to make sure your home fresh and welcoming this Christmas have your curtains, carpet and cushions cleaned.

Two weeks to go:
1. If you have guests coming to stay prepare the room in advance by laundering the bedding for your spare room, especially if your cat is used to snuggling up on the duvet. Merry Maids suggest a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda to freshen up carpets in rooms that you don’t use every day.
2. Clear out the laundry basket – have everything cleaned and ironed so you don’t have to worry about it over Christmas and make sure any special outfits are taken to the dry cleaners in advance.

One week to go:
1. Stock up. Ensure you have all your essential household supplies for over Christmas and New Year – washing up liquid, carpet cleaner, emergency stain remover and extra bin liners – especially if you are expecting a house full.
2. Organise boxes for everyone to put all their Christmas gifts into as soon as they are opened – this will save on clutter and prevent small gifts being misplaced.
3. Finally, a quick flick round your covings and light fittings for cobwebs and dust with a feather duster will save you the annual criticism from the Mother-in-Law.

Professional Help:
If these tips don’t seem to help you muster the motivation then why not call in your local Merry Maids team to give your home a pre-Christmas top to toe clean so that you can get on with the celebrations. To find your local expert call 0800 021 3072 or visit

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