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Merry Maids’ Guide to a Stress Free Christmas

Make light work of chores this Christmas

Christmas is coming and so are all your guests, whether just for the big day or a longer stay, the list of jobs to get through in the countdown to Christmas can add unnecessary stress to what should be an enjoyable time of year.

So here’s a little insider know-how from the experts at leading domestic cleaning company Merry Maids to help you get through the chores in time for the turkey and tinsel without needing to turn to the eggnog for support!

Pre-Christmas Crack Down

Merry Maids recommend a simple approach to domestic chores, so the key is to be organised and methodical and leave yourself plenty of time. Start early, before you put up cards, decorations and the tree as it will be much easier to clean and tidy. Begin by de-cluttering and clearing away your ornaments, trinkets and photo frames to make way for the Christmas cards and festive décor.

Prepare Guest Rooms

If you have guests coming to stay make sure you change the bedding in your spare room, especially if your cat is used to snuggling up on the duvet. Merry Maids suggest a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda to freshen up carpets in rooms that you don’t use every day, leave overnight if possible and vacuum thoroughly the following day.

Clean Like a Professional

Merry Maids cleaners’ start with a tidy room and work from the rear to the front of the house. They clean one room at a time and finish one room completely before starting the next. Merry Maids also say it’s best to work from top to bottom, moving towards the door while cleaning each room. With a hi-duster remove cobwebs and dust down the ceiling and corners of walls.
Dust and clean light fittings, taking down any fixtures and gently wash with a gentle cleanser like washing up liquid before drying and replacing. Dust and wash window frames, corners and window sills. Wash the inside and outside of the windows and clean or dry clean your curtains as necessary. Sweep or vacuum and mop the floors not forgetting to pay attention to the skirting boards.

Clear the Air

Your home can become stuffy and airless during the winter months with the central heating on constant. So to avoid nasty niffs greeting guests at the front door simply open the windows for half an hour before your heating comes on to allow fresh air to circulate through the house and rid it of any stale odours.

In the Kitchen

Sadly it’s where most of us end up at some point on Christmas day, whether it’s preparing the dinner or clearing up the aftermath, avoiding the kitchen is almost impossible. So Merry Maids advice is to be as prepared as possible.
• Clear out any old food from your fridge and freezer to make room for the festive treats you have in store. And take the opportunity to defrost the freezer before it gets too full.
• Don’t leave it until the bird is due in the oven to drag the turkey-sized roasting dish out of a cupboard and find it caked in last year’s grease. Use washing-up liquid or a cream cleaner to clean it, or for really tough burnt-on grime, clean as you would clean an oven.
• This goes for other once-a-year items too, so haul out the gravy boat, carafes, coffee makers, and cheeseboards now and give them a good wash.

The Finishing Touches

According to Merry Maids a little attention to detail can make all the difference:
• Dust off the Christmas decorations, check the lights work and give them a clean for extra sparkle before putting them up.
• Clean and polish glass and silverware for the Christmas table and any brass candlesticks. Leave them covered with a dry dishcloth to prevent dust build up before the big day.
• Create a great first impression cleaning your front door, polishing the brass to a high shine and decorate with a welcoming wreath.
• And finally, just relax it’s only one day and the point is to enjoy it.
• And if all else fails you can always call in your local Merry Maids who will be happy to get your house looking tip top in time for Christmas. To find your local Merry Maids visit or call 0800 021 3072.


Please credit all cleaning tips to Merry Maids.

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