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Editor:- November 17, 2010 - thousands of online publishers who use the services of NTT Verio Europe were unable to update the content on their web sites for more than 4 days recently - due to an ftp clampdown in shared servers which use FreeBSD (a form of Unix).

As one of those affected - Zsolt Kerekes - the editor of - first noticed the problem on the morning of Saturday (Nov 13).

"I've been an online publisher since 1996 - and over a period of years moved all my sites to what I considered to be the most stable hosting platform in the industry. In over 14 years the longest technical outage I've experienced - where I was unable to change what readers saw on my site was just a few hours. Being unable to post new articles to my readers was driving me nuts."

"You can imagine how frustrating it has been to have this ftp problem with my NTT hosted sites" said Zsolt Kerekes. "But I also knew - that switching to another ISP...

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