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Appogee DMS v3 now available in the Google Apps Marketplace

Appogee DMSv3 now available in the Google Apps Marketplace
The app brings a domain Address Book to Google Apps

On November 9th 2010 UK-based solutions provider Appogee announced that it has added version 3 of their Domain Management Studio (DMS) for Google AppsTM Premier, Education and Government editions to the Google Apps MarketplaceTM. For anyone migrating to Google Apps from Lotus DominoTM, but useful for all domains, DMS provides a corporate-style address book which includes many admin support capabilities familiar to those IT teams charged with improving cost effective service delivery. The latest version brings enhanced audit functionality and an improved user interface for the management of groups and can now be installed directly from the Google Apps Marketplace so trialling is easy and DMS is free for up to 50 users.

Migration of email to the Cloud continues apace, and the global market for cloud computing of all types forecast to grow from $37.8bn in 2010 to $121bn in 2015.1. Organisations who are keen to implement administration processes for the cloud consistent with their on-premise approach will find DMS functionality invaluable.

The concept of an address book for an organisation’s domain as provided by DMS will be very familiar to anyone migrating to Google Apps from Lotus DominoTM, and many of the aspects of the DMS Address Book draw on Appogee’s decades of experience with that product line. To provide the highest level of security, DMS installs to a Google App EngineTM instance within an organisation’s own domain, and encrypts all sensitive data. DMS Address Book can provide granular control over access to contact information down to the field level, an ability to delegate administration controls according to the activity undertaken, offers the capability to restrict admin functions to an on-premise network location, and supports comprehensive auditing across Google Apps domain. DMS only accesses Google content using published Google APIs so it is fully compatible with any administrator use of the Google control panel.

Key features of DMS include:

● Integration with the Google Apps Marketplace to provide simplified installation and Google Apps menu access to the Address Book
● Dynamic groups where membership is defined as a set of filters against user directory attributes (either from an existing Active Directory synchronisation service, or by direct entries in the DMS Address Book), and these groups in turn can be used as security access controls.
● Comprehensive auditing of all DMS and DMS Address Book changes, as well as controlled access to email monitoring of user account activity
● Completely free for Google Apps domains of up to 50 users!

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 3 million Google Apps businesses to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead. To learn more, visit

Appogee helps organisations get maximum value from Google's enterprise product offerings. They have taken their many years experience in the IT industry and developed a collection of services, products and tools supporting Google's enterprise offerings to deliver quality products and ensure successful client engagements. The UK based team will be happy to help you with mail migration, domain setup, message routing, Google SitesTM creation, application integration or custom App Engine development. Appogee already has one product on the Google Apps Marketplace, Appogee Bookmarks, a free Google GadgetTM which can be used to manage, store and share web resources within Google Apps domains. More than 350 domains have already implemented it.

Managing Director Stuart Keeble says “After many years working in large corporate IT, I know that enterprise customers want the great benefits and savings that Google Apps brings, but they are sometimes looking for familiar tools to support administration control. So here at Appogee we have built a great app to deliver help them make that move, and as a result they can now deliver the savings the finance department is looking for, yet get enhanced functionality at the same time.”

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1 MarketsandMarkets report “Global Cloud Computing Market (2010 – 2015)” October 2010

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