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Docmail leads the way for traditional offline businesses

Continually innovating your business is a huge business challenge, especially when your business model depends on an asset rich offline service, and you are increasingly competing with a fast moving online world....

One company that’s been quick to move with the times and use the Internet to its advantage, without changing its core business model is CFH Total Document Management. Based in Somerset, CFH is one of the leading document management companies in the UK, producing 350 million pages a year. Just two years ago CFH integrated their offline printing service with an Internet based front-end called Docmail which allowed users to electronically submit documents for printing and mailing via Royal Mail. It has now taken this a step further and embraced the cloud with the launch of Docmail Connect for Google Apps. This move has connected CFH’s offline service with the millions of Google Apps users worldwide, who can now have mail printed, stuffed and delivered for less than the price of a postage stamp, directly from within their Google Apps domain.

This innovation was enabled by Appogee, a Google-focused systems integrator that specialises in helping businesses make the most of the cloud. "This was a really interesting project for us", says Managing Director of Appogee, Stuart Keeble "The benefits of operating a business online are well known, and typically we are seeing that offline business is struggling to compete. CFH is different as it represents an offline company with a strong history that has embraced online innovation, using Appogee to enable this has made Docmail very hard to compete with."

Appogee created Docmail Connect for Google Apps using Google App Engine and has integrated it with both Google Apps and the existing Docmail service. One of the major benefits of the new application is the fact that Appogee has used Google’s APIs to list it on the Google Apps Marketplace, which allows Google Apps users to quickly add extra applications to their domain. This means that Docmail Connect for Google Apps not only allows Docmail’s existing users to use Google Docs with the service, it has also provided an excellent opportunity to reach a whole new market of customers operating in the cloud.

When asked whether he thinks Docmail is leading the way for traditional offline business, Dave Broadway, Managing Director at CFH said "We are, but we just couldn’t ignore the benefits that this project offered as we are always looking to innovate and drive the business forward. Appogee ensured the project did not affect our existing service, that was important. We are much stronger for it."

Docmail Connect for Google Apps is available now on the Google Apps Marketplace under Document Management.

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Appogee is a Google-focused systems integrator that primarily works with businesses post-migration, helping them to make the most of the Google platform through its off-the-shelf product range and custom development services. Appogee’s development team has experience of migrating existing applications to the Google platform, developing bespoke applications, configuring Secure Data Connector and creating sophisticated Google Sites. Appogee will be showcasing at the Developer Sandbox at Google I/O in San Francisco on 10-11 May 2011.

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CFH Docmail is a new generation of postal service, which combines on-line technology, with Royal Mail delivery. Mailings – whether a single letter or a personalised mailing to hundreds – are written and created on-line by the originator, sent electronically to hybrid mail operator Docmail, who then prints and delivers the mail. Docmail’s prices start at just 28 pence plus VAT for a single sided letter printed in black and white and inclusive of all stationery and postage.

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Dave Broadway, Managing Director, Tel: +44 (0) 1761 416311


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