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Archangel Retreat - The UK’s only rehab treatment centre exclusively for teens and young adults (15 to 23) opens during COVID-19 pandemic.

Archangel Retreat - Launches in the UK

Archangel ( is a UK based treatment centre, exclusively designed for teens and young adults. It is the only one in the UK and rivals international offerings in both Europe and America. The unique approach to both residential therapy and family engagement provides a more certain outcome.

When opening their doors in September 2020, the founders of Archangel, Ben Edgell, Julia Heubeck and Damian Mulcock, knew that there was a need for a dedicated rehab for teens and young adults which also engaged parents and siblings in the treatment programme. As a parent, watching your loved ones display disruptive behaviour, turn to addictive substances, or suffer anxiety and depression creates a sense of despair and helplessness.

Launching Archangel during a pandemic certainly put a spotlight on the effects and pressures of lockdowns, homeschooling and isolation which are only starting to be recognised as a serious mental health challenge for young people all over the world.

Archangel was created from the personal journey of the founders themselves. Julia and Damian experienced the challenges of finding the right kind of help for their family. They found both private and public services overburdened, underfunded and with long waiting times and often focused on the symptoms rather than the underlying cause and the broader family dynamic. Ben, Archangel’s Clinical Director, helped them as individuals and as a family.

Ben’s international career over 13 years led him to develop an approach to therapy based on the renowned work by Pia Melody and its principles surrounding developmental immaturity, codependence and childhood trauma. Ben and his team look past the symptoms and acknowledge the core issues which helps Archangel’s residents come to understand individual worth, encouraging them to lead a fulfilling life. This age group is unique in that it’s the transitioning time in young adults’ life and with the right treatment, it can be transformational in their long-term outcome.

Having experienced Ben's unique approach, together they formed the idea to create Archangel, a “home from home”, and provide the same opportunity and approach to therapy they had struggled to find. Their mission was to help young adults aged between 15 and 23 who had lost their way and to provide parents with guidance and understanding to manage their family through this situation.

Archangel is a bespoke five-bed residential setting and part of a 500-acre working farm embedded in the Hertfordshire countryside, where therapy is combined with a range of physical and mental activities that ensure a balanced and comprehensive program.

Since opening in September, the Archangel team has been rewarded with helping multiple residents get on the right path and start to re-build their family connections. They have already treated a wide variety of issues including personality disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, drug and gaming addiction.

One parent commented - “Archangel provided a safe and secure environment for my daughter to tackle her issues and get back in touch with herself. Ben, Damian, Julia and the team really care about the people under their ward, and they look at every aspect of their life, focusing on the cause of unhappiness rather than just treating the symptoms. It’s a really unique place where Ben devotes his life to helping young people and to educate, support and help the family through the whole process which is invaluable”.

For all the residents that have left, Archangel’s aftercare programme helps them continue their path to a healthy productive life and provides an environment to share the positives and the challenges as they get back to normality with their family life.

To learn more visit or to have a confidential conversation phone 0330 133 2821.

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