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Mel B Hits UK TV Screens - Bye bye baby weight… hello hot mama!

Mel B Hits UK TV Screens

Scary spice Mel B is currently appearing on UK TV screens in ads for the JENNY CRAIG weight loss programme.

Mel B joined the JENNY CRAIG Programme in Australia – where the ad campaign originally launched – where she was working as a judge on X-Factor. Now, Mel has already passed the halfway mark to her goal and there’s no stopping her!

“I am so excited I’ve passed my halfway. My humps and bumps are still there but they’re a little bit smaller and I’m loving it“ Mel B said.

“Being halfway on my weight loss journey means I’m happier and healthier. I still don’t get much sleep at night thanks to Madison, but with my new found energy I’m able to be a better mother.

Mel B is fronting JENNY CRAIG’s latest campaign with huge success, appealing to mothers to invest in themselves.

“Like all mums, I sometimes feel a little guilty taking time out for myself. But this is about my health. I think mums are the centre of their universe, so it’s just something I just had to do,” says Mel B.

In true Mel B fashion, she also had a more personal reward for when she finally reached her goal weight. “I cannot wait until I reach my goal weight – I can, not, WAIT! I’m gonna get my ‘thong on’!! Woot Woot!”

Mel B acknowledges JENNY CRAIG’s 30 years experience as leading weight management experts and providing a support system second-to-none with individual consultants and tailored eating plans.

“Let’s face it, it’s really hard to lose weight by yourself…I hate diets - they don’t work, they’re confusing. JENNY CRAIG is not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that makes losing weight easy. I get everything figured out for me and I get supported every single week by my own consultant. I get my breakfast, lunch, and dinner already set, already planned, and my snacks. Brilliant!'” said Mel B.

Read more about Mel B’s weight loss journey at her blog or see her before/after video.

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