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NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, 12th OCTOBER 2015; Arjuna Technologies Ltd., a spin-off from Newcastle University, announced today that it would be targeting its recently announced computer software product – Agility DataBroker – at the Smart Cities market , where it sees its software being used to help overcome the politics of data and to accelerate its distribution.

The Smart City of tomorrow will be heavily dependent on the data generated by the Internet of Things, but the data generated by the huge number of sensors and other infrastructure devices being implemented will overwhelm centralized facilities, which are unlikely to be able to translate the volume to pertinent information in a realistic timeframe. Initial analysis and transformation of the raw data has to be carried out nearer to the periphery so that only the relevant data is distributed to the different data beneficiaries. Agility DataBroker, allows for the ingested data to be automatically cleaned,...

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