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PRESS RELEASE - Monday 7th October 2013

Armantini Processing Ltd, one of the UK’s leading Materials Processing businesses, has announced that it has expanded it’s product portfolio and is launching NUTPLUG, a Lost Circulation Material for the Oil drilling supplies industry.

NUTPLUG is a Lost Circulation Material that delivers advanced protection against hydrostatic or annular pressure loss during drilling. NUTPLUG lost circulation material is a natural cellulose fiber (Almond shell) that can be used effectively in spot pills, sweeps and maintenance treatments with minimal adverse effect on rheology and filtration control properties. The cellulosic material helps decrease the permeability of the wall-cake in all drilling fluid types. NUTPLUG lost circulation material additions do not interfere with pumping equipment or downhole tools when used in the proper concentration ranges.
Whilst NUTPLUG is an effective lubricant and Lost Circulation...

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