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Dont let heat bring out pet smells

As Britain sizzles in a heatwave there’s one thing the high temperatures bring out at home … horrid smells you thought you’d cleaned up.

All the nasty niffs from spills and stains can return with a vengeance in hot weather if you haven’t made a proper job of removing them.

Whether it is spilt milk, crumbs of food, ingrained pet dander or worse, if traces have seeped into soft furnishings and carpets the pongs will return, especially if it is also humid.

“Hot weather really does let you know if there’s any rancid residues remaining in your home,” said expert cleaner Quentin Steele, founder of Aroma Care Solutions.

“As soon as the temperature rises you will know if there are any odour hotspots in your home. That’s the bad news. The good news is you can get rid of them.

“You must tackle the source – use a bio-enzymatic formula that breaks down the molecules which cause the smells and eradicate them forever.” Read full release

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