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Oil and Gas Job Search is reporting growth of more than 50% in turnover over the past year.

The company registered turnover of £2.8m for 2010-2011, up 55% on last year’s figures of £1.8m.

John Roberts Marketing Director at Oil and Gas Job Search comments: “The progress of the business has been tremendous over the past 12 months, with 40% growth in the number of adverts placed.”

“We are anticipating similar growth for the coming financial year and hope to break the £4m mark.”

Oil and Gas Job Search has been attracting over 10,000 new registered users a month. It’s a figure Roberts believes will double within 6 months owing to the steady growth of the business development team, a major website overhaul taking 5,000 man hours to complete and the quality of the candidate database.

The number of registered users passed the 400,000 mark earlier this month and the site currently generates over five million page...

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