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Broadband Wherever launches Tooway’s fastest satellite broadband service to UK customers

Broadband users with slow speeds or those living in rural areas of the UK with no broadband connection (known as the “final third”) now have access to a new satellite broadband service offering speeds of 10Mbps. The new Tooway™ KA Sat-Satellite service from Broadband Wherever is now available to order.

Satellite broadband was once thought of as the only option for those who fall outside of traditional ADSL coverage areas, and only able to offer speed ranging from 512kbs to 2M. Tooway’s new 10 Mbps package is the fastest satellite broadband service across the whole of Europe.

Not only will the service suit users who previously could not get a traditional ADSL or cable connection, but it will also suit users who are not receiving the promised speeds from their current provider due to common problems including distance from the exchange and volume of traffic on the service. A recent report by Ofcom[1] found that broadband download speeds are still less than advertised speeds.

Shawn Hunt, director of Broadband Wherever, one of the UK’s main providers of Tooway, explains, “Satellite broadband has often been overlooked due to previously perceived high costs and slow speeds, but Tooway offers an affordable solution with the highest speeds of any other satellite broadband service.

This new service from Tooway and Broadband Wherever will also help to address the greater problem of getting the “final third” of the population of Britain connected to a reliable broadband connection with speeds over 2 Mbps, an important advancement.

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Notes to editors
Tooway KA-Sat Satellite packages from Broadband Wherever start from:
Download speed Upload speed
6 Mbps 1 Mbps £25 per month
8 Mbps 2 Mbps £45 per month
10 Mbps 2 Mbps £55 per month
10 Mbps 4 Mbps £99 per month

* Installation costs vary

About Broadband Wherever (

Established in 2007, Broadband Wherever is a principle distributer of satellite broadband services. The company is one of the main UK providers of Eutelsat’s new high powered two-way KA-satellite service, Tooway™. The satellite broadband service allows for connection speeds of 10 Mbps download speeds and 4Mbps upload speed, making it the fastest satellite broadband service available in Europe. The new satellite offers a throughput capacity of 70Gbs, covering all Europe, with this area being covered by 82 spot beams.

For further information contact:
Louise Mapp / Donna Bennett
Ascent PR
T: 0118 988 0505