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1 In 5 Women Never Feel Sexy

A survey by, an online erotic boutique for modern women has today revealed that 21 per cent of women in UK never feel sexy.

The survey of 1,000 women in the UK aimed to find out what makes women feel sexy only to uncover that over 50 per cent lack the self confidence to feel sexy, with a further 24 per cent having no enthusiasm at all.

When asked what situations if at all made them feel sexy, over one third admitted to feeling sexiest when in bed with a partner whilst 40 per cent want to receive compliments.

Lexi Ashford, managing director and co-founder of ohtique says, “We were shocked to find out that so many women in the UK never feel sexy and that in today’s modern age we still rely so heavily on the compliments from others to make us feel good about ourselves. ohtique wants women to feel confident on their own terms by allowing them to embrace their bodies and sexuality through their sexual desires.”

The survey further suggests that 16 per cent of women want help with how to feel sexy whilst just under a third said they would experiment with sex toys to help them feel more confident.

Lexi adds, “We really do believe that sexual confidence is key to feeling sexy and positive in yourself as a whole. Fifty Shades of Grey has really opened women’s eyes to our sexual prowess and experimenting with sex toys in the bedroom, but the truth is most of us don’t know where to start as there is just so much choice out there.”

“ohtique offers a hand-picked range of erotic toys and accessories with detailed advice to help women of all sexual experiences and backgrounds make the most informed choices when it comes to satisfying themselves and their lifestyles.”

Other highlights from the survey include:
• 70 per cent of women admitted that not feeling sexy impacts on their relationship
• 58 per cent of women aged 18-24 feel sexy when they are getting ready for a night out with friends, compared to only 28 per cent feeling sexy when on a date
• 40 per cent of women said they feel sexy when they are paid a compliment
• 35 per cent of UK women prefer to text when talking sexy to a partner
• 37 per cent said they would like to be told they are sexy on a more regular basis

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About ohtique

ohtique is the erotic boutique for the modern woman, offering a hand-picked range of sex toys, erotic gifts and accessories.

Classically designed, ohtique aims to change the perception of the sex toy industry by offering a stylish, no-nonsense, inclusive environment to help sexually-attuned females of all ages and experience enjoy shopping for sex toys online.

Small in size, but big on research, ohtique does all the work so you don’t have to and offers a personalised ‘Chosen because’ on each and every product to help the consumer make the most informed choices on what is right for them.

With a mixture of high-end luxury brands such as Jimmy Jane and Lelo to eco friendly, body-safe and more purse friendly options such as Toy Joy, ohtique hopes to offer the best of the market today and appeal to the consumer’s everyday woman on-the-go.

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