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Coinciding with National Self-Care Week, Eastern AHSN is hosting its “Innovation in healthcare: new solutions to well-known issues” event with over 60 NHS leaders from the NHS in the East of England.

Sharing her story as an activated patient recovering from a heart attack, Maggie will be speaking about her experience of the Active+ Cardiac Rehabilitation programme that provides physical exercise, education and training in the use of health monitors at home using Aseptika’s Activ8rlives’ technology, as an alternative to follow-ups at Outpatient clinics.

In a new report “Outpatients: The future - Adding value through sustainability” by the Royal College of Physicians (9th November 2018), which acknowledges the dedication and hard work of NHS staff, the traditional model of outpatient care is described as “placing unnecessary financial and time costs on patients, clinicians, the NHS and the public purse.”

With 127 million outpatient...

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