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Activ8rlives Updates its Best Selling Buddy Step Counter: Getting the Whole Family Active this Summer!

Activ8rlives Buddy Step Counter

With summer already here, keeping active will be easy and fun with the NEW version of the Activ8rlives Buddy Step Counter. Our most popular accelerometer has had a revamp of its styling and extended battery life. The Buddy Step Counter is a simple electronic wearable device, which measures your activity and energy expenditure throughout the day. Available via the Activ8rlives webstore or from Amazon at £24.99.

The Activ8rlives Buddy Step Counter does a lot more than just count your steps—it helps you understand how your activity changes throughout the week. It measures your activity and calculates your energy expenditure in calories, the distance you have walked or run and the total active time during each day.

Besides the sleeker and thinner form of the new Buddy Step Counter, the main change is the inclusion of a rechargeable battery, lasting up to 3 months of normal usage. It can be recharged in an hour by attaching it to the micro USB cable included to a PC/Mac – means no more fiddly changing of the battery. The Activ8rlives Buddy Step Counter features include:

• Accurately counts your steps using a 3–axis accelerometer
• Slim, lightweight and elegant form
• Easy to wear on a neck lanyard or optional Arm/Ankle strap
• Large easy to read digital display with a 24-hour clock
• 3-month battery life with a rechargeable lithium battery
• Measures distance, total active time and energy expenditure in calories
• Uploads all your data with mini USB cable provided to PC (Windows or OSX)
• Optional Sports Package is available that includes an Arm/Ankle strap
• View data with FREE Activ8rlives Health Monitoring & Food Diary App (iOS/Android)(HealthKit)
• Work in groups for added motivation
• No subscription fees - FREE account for life!

Data from the Buddy Step Counter can be downloaded directly to your FREE Activ8rlives online account by mini USB via your PC/Mac. When you view your data via either the Activ8rlives website or free App (iOS and select Android), you can see how well you are doing and keep track of your health and wellbeing, helping you stay committed to your goals. By working together in groups we are more successful in achieving our health goals, so Activ8rlives is designed to help you achieve this by enabling you to give and receive motivational support from your group members using the messaging facility. Users have the option to join the Activ8rlives online community or set-up their own groups with other members of their family, club, or work colleagues.
As with all our products, Activ8rlives provides 7-day-a-week support in setting-up devices and is conveniently based in the UK. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and our 4.8/5.0 rating for customer support and service via Amazon.

Sandra, a long-time user of Activ8rlives, commented on her experience of the Buddy Step Counter:

“I’ve had one of these step counters for almost 2 years and find it brilliant. I had previously used a normal pedometer and kept a record of steps done every day but with this one uploads the step count to the computer and so all the information is kept. The step counter also shows how many calories have been used and how many miles/kms walked. On the website you can join a forum/group and so encourage each other to achieve the targets, normally 10k steps per day.”

Similar comments have been expressed by other Activ8rlives users:

"Loving it, it really fits with what I want to do, lose some weight, get fitter and this is an all-in-one package. I'm enjoying the features and keeping track of things using the online tool too. I think this that is very good value for money."

"I am delighted with the device which is very accurate but much simpler to use than other pedometers I have tried. The technical support in setting up was excellent and I received outstanding service when I subsequently contacted the sellers. I am about to buy my third Buddy step counter as they make very good presents. Thoroughly recommended!"

"This is an excellent gadget for spurring you on to move more!! Easy to use and set up, compatible with computer to keep a data log of progress. Highly recommend."

"Fantastic service. I received an email prior to delivery offering assistance in setting up, etc. product is exactly as described and seller is outstanding."
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About Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives):

Aseptika Limited is a healthcare company developing and marketing an integrated suite of self-monitoring devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand. We are developing integrated systems which can be used by consumers and their healthcare service providers to better self-manage long-term health conditions (LTHC) through self-monitoring.

The Company’s goal is to provide everyone with tools (and the understanding of how to apply them) so that most of us can keep healthy and well for most of the time. Self-management through self-monitoring is the motivation driving what we do.

Activ8rlives is unusual in that we are device agnostic, incorporating sensors and monitors ranging from consumer accessories to in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) with a focus on respiratory disease. All data is held together and can be cross analysed in the Cloud to provide forecasts and learning for the user and clinician.

The Company gained a patent in 2013 protecting the invention of a test for biomarkers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) in the sputum of patients, which can be used to detect the on-set of an exacerbation and profile the efficacy of antibiotic treatment for each patient.

Aseptika won first place in a competition earlier in 2014 to reward the most “Promising eHealth EU SME” eHealth solution 2014 developed by an early-stage European SME. The 2014 Competition was organized by TICBioMed and had the endorsement of the Health and Wellbeing Unit of DG CONNECT of the European Commission. The judges commended Aseptika for the integrated approach it was taking in the support of patients with long-term respiratory disease, providing the platform to self-manage their illness through self-monitoring. Central to the Company’s “hospital-at-home” concept, is a test in which the patient measures the level of virulence of the bacteria living in their lungs which from time to time, flare into a full and repeated chest infections.

Aseptika was a shortlisted finalist for the Cambridge News Top Innovations 2014 and AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards. Winner of the Discovery Start-up 2014 Competition run by Cambridge Wireless and Winner of the Hunts Post Huntingdonshire Business Innovation Awards 2014. Named on Global Digital Health 100 Award list, reflecting the importance of mobile and digital solutions.

Wearable Technology Awards 2015 shortlisted Aseptika in three categories: Best Medical Device (placed third), Best Innovation and Overall Wearable Winner.

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