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New UK Holiday Cottage SuperSearch - Finding the ideal holiday cottage gets a lot easier!

With over 50,000 holiday cottages available in the UK, how does anyone find the right one for them? Time and effort has been the answer until now, but a new search developed by can produce the right results instantly.

Like the idea of staying near the Harry Potter castle? 18 cottages on offer. Need a place that sleeps 8 and has a jacuzzi? 99 results for that search. The Cottage Supersearch is a Google custom search engine which searches over 150 cottage sites simultaneously.

The Cottage Supersearch page helps people create the perfect search for their needs. Site founder Jon Cockerill commented: "If you are a wheelchair user, for example, you know how limited your choices are. So we have designed a search that avoids bringing back a list of things saying unsuitable, or not accessible. We have collaborated with Google to reduce the frustration of search"


Note to editors:

The site features over 150 independent holiday cottage agencies across the UK, enabling people to find the local specialists for any area. Established in 2004, it assists over half a million unique visitors per year.

Media Contact:

Jon Cockerill,
Tel: 07775 856885