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Don’t be a ‘data on the move’ casualty – protect with MDM: New service centrally manages all devices on all networks

London, 21 November 2007 – Condico has launched a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that helps IT departments to manage the growing number of mobile devices used within their organisations. MDM enables them to administer, regulate and support mobile phones, smartphones, BlackBerrys and cellular PDAs from a central location. Importantly, it works with all devices, operating systems and networks within the mobile estate, ensuring only one product is needed to manage all equipment.

“The role of IT departments is expanding,” says Tim Belfall, founder and MD of Condico. “There is a much greater need for them to incorporate communications management within their remit. With gadgets becoming ever more sophisticated in both operations and data storage capabilities they are, in effect, mobile hard drives. A single BlackBerry could hold all the data that went missing from the Inland Revenue, for example. But unlike the computers and laptops that IT departments are used to dealing with, handheld units are rarely managed, backed up or secured. This is a problem which MDM can solve - it’s all about putting control of equipment back in to the hand of the IT professionals.”

In particular, MDM enables IT staff to:
• Provision and configure mobile devices and administer remote updates centrally.
• Manage specific user capabilities, so staff have only the functions they need.
• Identify, analyse and fix problems centrally.
• Install up-to-date virus protection against mobile-specific malware.
• Monitor all company devices for any virus activity.
• Block the download of unauthorised software.
• Prevent users visiting risky and/ or illicit web-sites that breach company policy.
• Lock data temporarily in the event of a mobile being mislaid.
• Wipe data permanently if the phone is stolen.
• Back up all contact data, texts, emails and appointment for easy retrieval and immediate access from a new phone.

“MDM offers cradle-to-grave management of mobile devices,” says Belfall. “More people are tapping into the idea of remote working and it is becoming an increasingly important factor in recruitment and retention. But the gains in productivity and efficiency will only be seen if the mobile devices used are running at optimum level. Managing a whole series of remote devices can be incredibly time and resource intensive both for the IT administrator and the user, so central management is essential.

“Even more importantly, ill-managed mobile devices present a serious security risk: as a source of viruses and means of data theft. Most companies are still not managing these devices properly, or can manage only one aspect of the equipment’s functionality, and thus are not protecting their data effectively. And that means they are not protecting their company either.”

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About Condico
Condico Limited was founded in 2007. The company delivers mobile device management (MDM) solutions that enable IT managers in medium and large organisations to administer, regulate and support centrally all aspects of company’s mobile phones, smartphones, BlackBerrys and cellular PDAs. Condico’s solution is independent of all network operators and can manage all devices running all operating systems – providing valuable additional layers of security to an area that is often overlooked.

Condico’s customers include organisations with a large mobile workforce, and those in which confidential company information such as contacts and files are stored on the employee’s mobile device. This includes financial services organisations, the public sector, legal firms, consultancies, pharmaceutical companies and any organisation with a mobile sales team.

Condico is headquartered in the UK but can deliver the solution to customers around the world.

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