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John Lewis Partnership secures 15,000 staff with SecurEnvoy

Renowned high street retailer implements SecurEnvoy’s solution for remote authentication using mobile phones

London, 3rd March 2008 – The John Lewis Partnership has signed a deal with SecurEnvoy to enable its workforce to use their mobile phones to gain secure access to corporate systems. 15,000 thousand UK employees are now using SecurAccess, SecurEnvoy’s cost-effective, two-factor authentication solution that transforms mobile phones into virtual tokens.

Instead of using tokens or smart cards, the SecurAccess system sends a passcode to users’ mobile phones. When users wish to log on to the corporate system, they simply enter their Microsoft User ID and password, and then the passcode that has been pre-enabled on their mobile phone. Once the passcode has been used, it is superseded with a new one sent to the phone. This pre-loading function eliminates the need to install any software on to the mobile device and provides users with access to their passcode as soon as they needed it rather than having to wait for an SMS message to be delivered.

John Lewis expects to make considerable savings by swapping from token-based two-factor authentication to SecurAccess. The user licence is cheaper than purchasing, replacing and distributing tokens, and deployment costs are lower with no need for extensive training courses.

“The John Lewis Partnership has been using traditional token based two factor authentication with its remote access systems since the late 1990’s. However, after reviewing the capital, revenue and administration costs associated with the existing system we decided to look for a cheaper alternative and found SecurEnvoy’s tokenless approach to be a far superior and cost effective solution,” says Matthew Clements, principal programmer for the John Lewis Partnership.

“The flexibility, efficiency and additional security of using mobile phones and SMS offer clear advantages over traditional methods of two factor authentication,” says Steve Watts, UK sales director for SecurEnvoy. “Customers such as John Lewis continue to choose SecurEnvoy for our speed of deployment, cost per seat model, unlimited scalability and proven track record.”


About SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy Ltd is a leading security technology company developing pioneering software for authentication solutions. Its current products include mobile two-factor authentication mechanisms for remote access, securing email and Microsoft Windows password management.

SecurEnvoy’s aim is to be the dominant supplier of two-factor authentication solutions by designing and supporting innovative systems that are ahead of the competition in terms of cost, usability and support. The company has four patents pending, and four applications within its tokenless two-factor authentication suite.

Established in 2000, SecurEnvoy has its head office in Theale (Reading) from which its serves UK and European customers.

About The John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership operates 26 department stores across the UK, John Lewis Direct - a website and catalogue business, 187 Waitrose supermarkets and Greenbee, a new direct services company. The business has an annual turnover of over £6bn and over 64,000 employees. The John Lewis Partnership's 68,000 Partners own the leading UK retail businesses, the principle and slogan Never knowingly undersold was adopted in 1925. It was created by Spedan Lewis and applied to the company's Peter Jones store.

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