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Paris Smith & Randall LLP demonstrates commitment to information security

Law firm purchases DeviceLock endpoint security software to protect network endpoints

London, 28th April 2008 – Leading law firm Paris Smith & Randall LLP has demonstrated the value that it places on information security and confidentiality of data by purchasing endpoint security software DeviceLock. This ensures that no information can be removed or copied from the corporate system without permission and gives the firm absolute confidence in its security.

DeviceLock controls access to all ports and devices, including USB ports, CD-ROMs, storage devices, MP3 players, FireWire, WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as protecting organisations from keylogging attacks. Unlike solutions that simply disable the port completely, DeviceLock offers a layer of management, so that the IT department can change settings as appropriate from a central location making the solution completely flexible. With DeviceLock, Paris Smith & Randall LLP can centrally and granularly define which types of data specified individuals or groups are allowed to download on to a Windows Mobile® or Palm® OS device. It covers a full range of mobile device threats including the possibility of uncontrollably losing valuable data when a user syncs their mobile device with their work PC.

“I wanted to adopt an endpoint security system after witnessing a virus being transferred to an employee’s own PC via a USB stick. It is not practical to prohibit the use of USB sticks but we need to ensure they do not compromise our security,” said Philip Rich, IT manager at Paris Smith & Randall LLP. “DeviceLock has enabled us to put in place policies and enforcement technologies to ensure that they do not pose a security threat to the company. DeviceLock is a cost effective and flexible solution. From the minute we tested it we knew it was the right system.”

“Paris Smith & Randall LLP is a well-respected law firm that prides itself on its innovative use of IT. The company is proactively ensuring it isn’t vulnerable to security breaches by putting all the necessary systems and protection in place before a problem has ever occurred,” said Sacha Chahrvin, managing director at DeviceLock UK. “Not only does DeviceLock protect Paris Smith & Randall’s data, and that of it clients, it also helps to ensure that the firm complies with data protection legislation.”


About Paris Smith & Randall LLP

Paris Smith & Randall LLP have been providing a full range of legal services to both business clients and private clients across the Solent region for over 185 years. Their aim is to recognise and respond to clients' needs with prompt, clear and practical advice based on a thorough knowledge of their business and families and with a focused approach to discussion and documentation.

About DeviceLock, Inc.

Since its inception in 1996 as SmartLine Inc, DeviceLock, Inc., a worldwide leader in endpoint device control security, has been providing DeviceLock® endpoint security software to organizations that rely on Microsoft technologies. The DeviceLock product is currently installed on more than three million computers in more than 55,000 organisations around the world including corporate customers from financial institutions, telecommunications companies, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, and educational institutions. DeviceLock, Inc. is an international organisation with offices in San Ramon (California, US), London (UK), Ratingen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Milan (Italy).

For more information, visit DeviceLock website at

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