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Jake role-playing in Petite Cuisine

The Benefits of Role-Play in a Modern Society

Babies and children learn the vast majority of what they know from watching adults and those people around them. Most children have an identifiable primary carer –the person to whom the child is most strongly attached, and who they watch and learn from at an amazing rate. The more closely attached a child is to a person, the more easily they will learn from him/her. Young children spend a lot of time at home whilst the primary carer is engaged in everyday activities such as shopping, cleaning, laundry, DIY, cooking etc. Children will learn from watching these activities being done, but they will learn so much more, and so much quicker if they are able to get involved as well.

However, this is not always possible (too dangerous) or practical (time/mess considerations). It is therefore important to help children understand adult behaviour and activities in a safe, age-appropriate way and role-play is one of...

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