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A platform-neutral approach to service enablement.

London—March 7, 2005—Attachmate Corporation, 20-year veterans of connecting users with critical enterprise applications and data, announces the availability of the Synapta™ family of services-enabling products. Synapta solutions abstract information layers—data, logic, and presentation user interface that can be used independently of one another. This builds efficiencies that prepare IT for the age of user empowerment—an age in which more is never enough, application adoption lags, and rogue IT projects win the day.

Synapta leverages the viability of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as it exists today, granting maximum flexibility to business managers, IT organisations, developers and end users. The tool set saves companies money by working within existing infrastructures and “future proofs” development efforts with compliance to open standards. Ultimately, Synapta paves the way for...

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