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A Milton Keynes woman has defied survival odds after being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer by undergoing medical treatment not currently available on the NHS. Dawn Down was diagnosed 5 years ago but has recently been given the 'all clear' following her latest scan. Her consultant, Gill Stewart, remarked 'Dawn continues to amaze us - we don't understand why her treatment works but it seems to have produced a remarkable result."

In 2004, follwing the failure of chemotherapy, Dawn underwent treatment at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana Mexico under the care of Francisco Contreras MD, who along with his late father Ernesto, pioneered B17 metabolic therapy. The regime offered to Dawn also included Melatonin, Shark Cartilage, Ozone therapy and Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation. The Oasis approach is unique "Our alternative cancer treatment consists of a multifaceted program including an...

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