New book provides fresh hope for all cancer patients

A new book by world renowned oncologist Francisco Contreras MD entitled, Dismantling Cancer , provides further evidence of the effectiveness of low doses of Cyanide,

“Cyanide is toxic to our body but it will not make us sick in very low doses derived from a whole food source. You eat cyanide-rich food everyday if you eat apricots, pineapples, apples or any of the other thousand cyanide-toting foods found in nature. The cyanide in these foods is present in a nutrient called amygdalin. Amygdalin can release cyanide within malignant cells, depleting the supply of cysteine. As a result the intracellular concentration of gluthathione is diminished. This will sensitize the tumours to antitumour treatments including chemotherapy, ozone therapy, and UV light.”
PP76-77 Dismantling Cancer

Francisco Contreras, and his father Ernesto, before him, has pioneered the use of amygdalin since the opening of their Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana Mexico over 40 years ago. Their results speak for themselves:
For example in the case if stage IV lung cancer the survival rate beyond 5 years according to the American Cancer Society, is 34% with conventional treatment. At Oasis, following a study of 600 patients, the survival rate is 86% and many of those only came to the hospital after conventional treatments had failed. With Breast cancer 39% survived beyond 5 years against a USA national average of 23%

Dismantling Cancer gives practical, medical, nutritional and spiritual advice to help prevent and overcome cancer.

Dr Francisco Contreras leads a team of physicians who do not set out to destroy cancer, but instead address the various root causes in a multi-faceted approach to treatment aimed at dismantling cancer.

This book examines the successes and failures of conventional medicine and introduces the reader to the benefits of alternative therapies as practised at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana Mexico. This book will demonstrate how exceptional results can be obtained by integrating orthodox and non-conventional medical protocols.

Francisco Contreras MD specialized in surgical oncology at the University Hospital in Vienna, Austria, and in alternative therapies at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, receiving personal instruction from Ernesto Contreras, MD. His exceptional work as a physician, clinical researcher and health educator has given him a profound understanding of healthcare needs.

Quote by Don Factor son of Max Factor from the Introduction.
“I was very impressed with Dr Contreras’clinic when I went inside and met the people. I had never experienced a hospital before where the Doctors would treat me as a human being instead of a bunch of symptoms or a disease walking through the door”

Quote by Dawn Dawn from Milton Keynes, an Oasis of Hope patient, June 2004 The effect of the treatment I received at Oasis was amazing. My cancer marker has more than halved in the month since I returned and this with none of the horrible side effects of chemotherapy. Thanks to Dr Contreras and his team I now have real hope for the future.

Francisco Contreras will be visiting the UK from October 11th to October 20th 2004 and will hold public meetings in Manchester and London. For interviews contact:

Malcolm Down
(T) 01908 364222
(M) 07785 246434

Andrew Nuttall
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