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Hope for ovarian cancer patients?

A Milton Keynes woman has defied survival odds after being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer by undergoing medical treatment not currently available on the NHS. Dawn Down was diagnosed 5 years ago but has recently been given the 'all clear' following her latest scan. Her consultant, Gill Stewart, remarked 'Dawn continues to amaze us - we don't understand why her treatment works but it seems to have produced a remarkable result."

In 2004, follwing the failure of chemotherapy, Dawn underwent treatment at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana Mexico under the care of Francisco Contreras MD, who along with his late father Ernesto, pioneered B17 metabolic therapy. The regime offered to Dawn also included Melatonin, Shark Cartilage, Ozone therapy and Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation. The Oasis approach is unique "Our alternative cancer treatment consists of a multifaceted program including an integrative scheme of drugs, diets, procedures, and medical care. This integrative treatment method sensitises the cancer enabling us to avoid using aggressive therapies that can destroy the patient's quality of life" Quote from the Oasis of Hope website

Dawn continued to treat herself on her return from Mexico, receiving injections of B17 every other day, as well as taking melatonin and trying to maintain a healthy vitamin-enriched organic diet where possible. "The most frustrating thing", said husband Malcolm, "is that this treatment is not available on the NHS as there is no drug to patent so pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to carry out the research and without the research the NHS can't prescribe it even though it would cost a fraction of current chemotherapy drugs."

Further details of treatments available at the Oasis of Hope hospital are recorded in the book, Dismantling Cancer by Francisco Contreras, 1-57946-005-4 £6.99 available to order from most good bookshops or from


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