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Leading posture and performance expert Dax Moy today warns female followers of fashion that the resurgence of the 5 inch-heel could seriously damage their health, not just by leading to postural problems, but also period pain and even infertility.

The statement comes at a time when many designer labels, high street stores and fashion magazines are unveiling their spring/summer collections aimed at getting British Women to ‘glam up’ by wearing the 70’s inspired 5 inch ‘ankle breakers’.

“Most women are intimately aware that the prolonged wearing of even moderate heels can cause foot, ankle and knee problems and lead to back pain, but very few are aware of the very real health consequences caused by these ‘unnatural’ positions.” Explains Moy who is counted among the UK’s top health and fitness Experts.

“It’s not just about the feet, it effects EVERY single function in every joint and muscle throughout the body and can seriously effect the...

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