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Buying beautiful lingerie just got a lot simpler and much more fun!

Hypotic Chamane

Take the guessing out of buying beautiful lingerie...let her choose the size or guide him to the right gift…either way it’s perfect every time!

The launch of the BFH Online website will revolutionise how intimate gifts such as lingerie are bought in future. BFH Online do this with a new approach to buying which is simpler and much more interactive, even flirtatious. When buying beautiful lingerie at BFH Online he can either opt to let the lady confidentially choose her sizes or she can guide him to the right gift with all her details discretely handled out of sight, either way its perfect every time.

Lingerie is the most beautiful and intimate of gifts to buy a woman but it is not always the easiest to get right. At BFH online we have taken the main anxiety out of buying lingerie, namely knowing her sizes. Trying to find out those all-important sizes can lead to some awkward situations. Furthermore, get the sizes wrong and not only do you have to return the items but you have just spoilt a very special moment for you both. Using our website you can avoid all these problems by simply letting her choose the sizes. Just browse our site, click on the products that you like and then click the “let her choose the size” button. Then all you need do is pay and she can simply enter her details confidentially on our secure site to complete the order. Alternatively should the lady find a very special gift she must have, then she can use our site to guide him to the right place by simply clicking on the item and then clicking the guide him to this gift button. He will then be taken straight to the right page – no need to remember the site, any sizes or the delivery address, he just pays and that very special gift will be on its way.

And what’s more should she want a complete surprise she can tick the surprise gift option in her account and enable someone special to buy using the details from her account (completely secure as we never share information between parties). And what could be better than that, a surprise package, a beautiful gift that fits, a wonderful evening of romance.

The buying of lingerie is an act of pure passion but nothing can frustrate that passion faster than having to trawl through lots of pages when looking for that special gift. At BFH Online the buyer isn’t swamped with irrelevant or dubious products because the site operates as a boutique, only buying the most beautiful lingerie from established quality brands. In addition to this the site is clutter free and straightforward to use, so you can concentrate on making that all-important gift choice.

Take the guessing out of buying beautiful lingerie...let her choose the size or guide him to the right gift…either way it’s perfect every time!

Additional information

• The website can be found at:

• All lingerie orders receive an introductory 10% off using this code: Intro13PR

• All orders over £150 receive complimentary gift-wrapping service.

• The high tech approach that BFH Online brings to your online shopping experience is exceptional. We don’t just stop at offering you the most innovative and interactive approach to buying lingerie we have also made it simpler and faster for you to choose sizes and quantities with our ‘one click’ approach to buying, where you can choose the quantity and size with one click - speeding up the boring bits of shopping.

• We take security very seriously and want our buyers to be confident that everything is safe and secure. So all payments taken through BFH Online are handled securely through SagePay and wherever you enter any personal information on our site it is covered by the highest standards of site internet security (SSL by Verisign) to ensure the whole shopping experience is as safe as it can be.

• BFH Online also offer a service for customers seeking out particular products or services that they cannot find, if they send in their request to our sales team will do their best to secure the items for them at no extra charge.

Notes for editors:

• This site tackles an age-old problem of men not remembering their partner’s vital measurements, a major stumbling block to buying her beautiful lingerie – as demonstrated by a recent survey carried out by Superdrug ( Our site will solve this problem for both men and women and will soon become the only way to shop for Lingerie online.
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