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BIOS IT to showcase ground-breaking ‘SuperFreq’ performance (10 Cores @4.9GHz), private cloud and intelligent storage for FinTech at the Trading Show New York

Delivering consistent single-socket performance (10 cores @4.9GHz), BIOS IT has expertly crafted an overclocked solution with maximum reliability

New York, Sept. 19th: Adoption of innovative technologies in Finance has allowed fast-moving companies to quickly gain traction in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved to be a critical tool in remaining afloat in this highly competitive world and the use of AI has increased massively across applications such as High-Frequency Trading (HFT), analytics, security and anti-fraud. The demand for AI performance creates new possibilities within financial services, with technology being deployed to accelerate research and development.

SuperFreq – Enterprise Reliability, Overclocked Performance:
The unceasing quest for computational speed in HFT has culminated in BIOS IT’s range of solutions for the finance sector. The SuperFreq series of servers are designed for algorithmic trading and model simulations using AI. Delivering consistent single-socket performance (10 cores @4.9GHz), BIOS IT has expertly crafted an overclocked solution with maximum reliability.

Remote server management capabilities with global warranty and support services make the BIOS IT SuperFreq a compelling enterprise solution for HFT and low latency environments.

High-Frequency Trading on Private Cloud:
Powered by vScaler, BIOS IT will also showcase our HFT and AI optimised private cloud platform. An effective cloud solution for HFT workloads, vScaler’s technology offers all the benefits of compute/storage scalability without the latency of public offerings.

Latency performance is massively critical to HFT applications, our private cloud solution negates this drawback in a platform that facilitates speed and reliability on-premise. vScaler boosts the availability of resource, avoids data movement costs and allows customers to provision and scale at the touch of a button – all within a sensible licencing model that facilitates flexibility of provider.

The backbone of our vScaler HFT cloud is an overclocked compute platform, optimised to deliver extreme algorithm acceleration. With support for GPU and FPGA, our vScaler private cloud solution also integrates with accelerated analytics systems. Database optimised platforms can include accelerated storage and flash technology to match specific requirements, and an optimised network will facilitate performant time-stamping capabilities.

Flash R-R – Intelligent Storage at an Intelligent Price:
Machine intelligent storage built on 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors – Flash R-R will also be featured at BIOS IT’s stand. Flash R-R delivers lightning performance at very effective prices for HFT workloads. Optimised for typical HFT applications with recurring data read/write, Flash R-R provides up to Intel Optane speed with almost limitless scalable capacity.

Under the hood, Enmotus virtual SSD technology self-manages and self-optimises using real-time analytics and AI for high-performance virtualisation across tiered storage arrays. Available in 2U building blocks, the platform scales in size and density to match budgets for the procurement savvy.

To arrange a meeting at the event or to test-drive our solutions for HFT - please contact us.

BIOS IT is a global design house, systems builder and integrated solution provider for enterprise performance computing. We construct bespoke clusters and appliances by handpicking the best components and newest technologies based on specific customer goals. We support well-known organisations at the top of their research fields, across science, engineering, academia and finance disciplines. Our comprehensive range of products and services include high-performance enterprise servers, storage and networking, on-premise or in the cloud, with associated services, support, hosting and software.

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