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Boycott the Boys this Valentine’s Day

Lambrini Pink Bubbly

Forget the fellas and chuck that naff card in the bin...who says we need men on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s face it, whether you’re planning a top night out or a girly evening in, why not spend February 14th with the really important people in your life – your best mates. And if you want something to tickle the tastebuds, look no further than Lambrini Pink Bubbly!

We’re urging women everywhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with Lambrini – enjoying some great-tasting fizz and quality time with your closest friends. So instead of waiting for diamonds, or those red roses that are never going to arrive, why not pick up the phone and arrange a real Valentine’s Day party?

Treat yourselves to a bottle of Lambrini Pink Bubbly, dim the lights and enjoy a girly night in. Throw in some great gossip nibbles and a Sex In The City box set, and you’re away. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Lambrini Pink Bubbly offers the same fizz, sparkle and sophisticated fun as expensive champagne, but without the designer price tag. Retailing at just £2.99 it will lend a touch of glamour to the night without cleaning you out – leaving you with plenty of spare cash to splash on other girly treats.

It has a lower ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 5.5% too – less than half the amount of alcohol than the average bottle of table wine – making Lambrini the savvy girls’ way to enjoy a night in.

Be Drinkaware, Lambrini is a supporter of Drinkaware and is a Portman Group signatory.


For more information, images please contact Rebecca Hardy at BJL on or alternatively call T: 0161 831 7141.

Note to Editors:

Know your Lambrini units the responsible choice with fewer units than a typical bottle of wine. Lambrini offers ladies all the fun and sparkle but with a lower ABV (Alcohol by volume), providing a more sensible way to enjoy a drink.

Lambrini provides 40% fewer units than a typical bottle of wine and offers consumers a responsible lower alcohol alternative to the majority of wines and wine style products. A 750ml bottle of Lambrini Original with an ABV of 7.5% contains 5.6 units of alcohol compared to 9.4 units of alcohol found in a typical 750ml bottle of table wine with an ABV of 12.5% (40% fewer units). A 750ml bottle of Lambrini with an ABV of 5.5% contains just 4.1 units of alcohol when compared to the same bottle of table wine (i.e. 5.5% Lambrini has less than half the units of a bottle of table wine). Lambrini always promotes responsible drinking and supports Drinkaware.


Lambrini ladies enjoy their nights out with close friends, so to make sure that you stay safe whilst out and about, Lambrini have come up with the following five top tips.

Make sure someone knows where you are going Looking out for each other, knowing where each other are and walking together is not only more fun, but keeps you safe too.

Meeting points – Just like you used to as kids, always make sure you have a meeting point prescheduled just in case you get lost from your friends. You may not follow all of your parents advice, but this one make sense.

Don’t leave your drink –You don’t need to become paranoid, just simply make sure that your drink is never out of your sight. If you do have to put it down, make sure you leave it in the capable hands of one of your trusted girlfriends. And if someone you don’t know offers you a drink, don’t accept it, get your friends to buy you one instead.

Pre-book taxis - Instead of hanging around waiting for public transport, pre book a cab instead. Not only is this the safer option but it means you and your friends won’t be waiting out in the cold!

Know your limits – The government advises that women in the UK should consume no more than two to three units a day or 14 units in a week. To know more about how much is safe to drink, visit to find out more.

Sticking to the government’s guidelines will make you feel better and reduce the risks associated with excessive consumption. For more information on drinking responsibly and staying safe visit