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£10,000 reward on offer for a pie in the face of Big Brother trio

18 January 2007

For Immediate Release

The latest twist in the Big Brother scandal has emerged this morning. Online community has stepped forward to offer £10,000 to the daring person who can get a custard pie in the face of any one of the trio at the heart of Celebrity Big Brother’s troubles this week.

Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara have been at the centre of allegations of bullying in the house and in a bid to cheer the country up, Wim Vernaeve of has made the following announcement:

“Things have been getting heated in the house. We think it’s time to lighten the mood a little. As Jo, Jade or Danielle emerge from the house, we’re offering a reward of £10,000 for anyone who’s smart enough to work out how to sneak a custard (or foam) pie past security and throw it in the face of one of them. You have to score a direct hit to win!

“We know it’s a tough challenge and we bet no-one dares do it. But we’d love to be proven wrong. If doing it on the night proves impossible, then we’ll award £2,500 if you can do it within a week of the celebrity leaving the house.” is the place online for dares and challenges. Watching the story unfold inspired the site’s founders, Wim Vernaeve and Bertrand Bodson, to devise a Big Brother dare and they’re not fooling with the reward. If a pie-thrower can provide the necessary evidence (photos, video footage or on live TV), the Gottabet team will stump up the cash.

Everyone else can join in the fun at by making their predictions on who will get the pie.


Notes:- is a new online community. Got a dare for a friend? Got a bet with your work mates? Got a burning personal challenge? Share it online at Gottabet, the place for dares and challenges. Bets can be made for peanuts, prizes or pennies.

The Celebrity Big Brother dare in detail:

The cash prize will be awarded to the first person who throws a custard or foam pie and gets a clean shot in the face. The dare only applies to Jade, Jo or Danielle and not the other celebrities in the house. Also, only the first person to throw and hit the celebrity will win the entire cash sum. If you take up the challenge, it will be at your own risk. will not be liable for any legal action incurred by the pie-thrower in the pursuit of this dare.

Video, photo or live TV footage is required as evidence.

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