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Top Bets Britons Would Love To Make But Can’t: When Prince Harry Will Have An Affair And Ronaldo Coming Out As Gay

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?

New research has revealed the top controversial bets that Britons would be keen to make but can’t.

New research has revealed the top controversial bets that Britons would be keen to make but can’t. Those includes sensitive things like Donald Trump’s assassination and at what age the Queen and David Attenborough will live to. Interestingly enough there is also that Prince Harry will have an affair.
Nowadays you can bet almost on everything and new research has been looking at the most controversial bets that Britons would like to bet on, if they were available from bookmakers, the most popular being the age of when the Queen will die. The average length, according to those who’d like to bet on it, is a bet being 105 years old. David Attenborough went just short of that as the average bet was at 103 years old.
The team at conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards gambling. 2,733 Britons were quizzed about the controversial subjects that they would place bets on if they were available, all of whom were aged 18 and over.
Initially, all respondents were asked ‘If you were to place a bet on anything, what would it be?’ to which the most popular topics were ‘celebrity lifestyles’ (20%), ‘politics’ (18%) and ‘celebrity deaths’ (15%); ‘sport’ (14%) came in at fourth most popular. When asked why celebrity lifestyles and deaths were so popular, respondents cited reasons such as ‘I am very interested in what happens to celebrities’ (33%) and ‘it’s really fun to keep up with celebrity lifestyles’ (32%).
All respondents were then asked what controversial subjects they would place a bet on, if there was a market offered by gambling companies. When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top 10 most wanted risky bets were revealed as follows:
• The age which the Queen will live to - 48%
• Cristiano Ronaldo will come out as gay - 42%
• Kylie Jenner will release a sex tape - 21%
• Donald Trump potential assassination year - 33%
• When Prince Harry will have an affair - 27%
• Michelle Obama will run for President in 2020 - 20%
• Lewis Hamilton will retire from F1 - 16%
• The next country to leave the EU - 15%
• The age which David Attenborough will live to - 13%
• The age which Gazza will live to - 10%
Furthermore, those who stated that they would like to bet on how old the Queen would live to were asked were asked at what age they will place the bet with the average age predicted was 105 years old. Similarly, of those who wanted to bet on Cristiano Ronaldo coming out as gay, the year predicted on average was 2020. Of those that stated that they would like to make a bet on Prince Harry having an affair 14% said that he has already had one while 37%, which was the majority, said they will place a bet that he will have in 2021.
According to the poll, when asked how much they would consider spending on these bets, individually, the average response was revealed as £23.50. 72% admitted they would because they felt some of these bets, if not all, were sure to come through for them.
John Pentin, Editor in Chief of, commented:
“It’s interesting to see what Britons would like to bet on given the chance. I might be wrong but I believe some bookmakers might even accept some of those bets. These are very hot topics and things we probably all wonder about from time to time, or even mull over with our mates. Betting small amounts on things that we have a genuine interest on, like celebrities’ lifestyle, is what betting should be: fun. When the fun stops, gambling should absolutely stop too!”