Britons Get Lucky In The Bedroom 12 Times Per Month - More Than Any Others In the EU

New research has discovered just how often Britons find themselves getting lucky in the bedroom department and compared this with the other countries of the European Union.

The UK is topping the list with a whopping 12x love-making sessions per month. According to
the poll, those in France are the least lucky in the bedroom, having just two love-making sessions during the average month.

With Brexit just around the corner, EU love-making sessions average is destined to crash.
While only half of Europeans believe in luck,

Unfortunately for those in France, twice a month is going to have to suffice.

" {{those in the UK find themselves getting lucky in love with their partner on average 12 times per month}} ",closely followed by those in Germany and
The Netherlands.
Unfortunately for those in France, twice a month is going to have to suffice.

The team at conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into EU attitudes towards luck. 2,729 Europeans
aged 18 and over, all of whom stated that they were in a committed relationship were quizzed about how often they ‘get lucky’ in a
variety of ways.

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘Do you believe in luck?’ to which just over half of respondents, 51%, stated that ‘yes’ they do.
When asked if they did anything to boost their luck, a third of those (28%) admitted that ‘yes’ there are things that they do, including
‘abiding by superstitions’ (36%) and ‘carrying a good luck charm’(31%).

All respondents were then asked how often they ‘got lucky’ with their partner, as well as being asked to state what EU country they live to determine national averages.

All of the responses were collated, and some of the results were as follows:

UK – 12x (love-making sessions per month)
Germany – 11x
Netherlands – 9x
Belgium – 9x
Romania – 8x
Portugal – 8x
Austria – 7x
Slovakia – 7x
Italy – 4x
Spain – 4x
France – 2x

According to the poll, the average love-making session was revealed as 19 minutes, with the most popular times to do so revealed as ‘in the morning after waking up’ (27%), ‘when in bed at night, before going to sleep’ (21%) and ‘usually under the influence of alcohol’(15%).

Those who confessed that they typically had sexual relations with their partner first thing in the morning were asked why the morning was their preference.

‘It wakes you up for the day’ (36%) and ‘we’re
too tired in the evenings’ (38%) were cited as the most common reasons why.

John Pentin, Editor in Chief of, commented: “Surely, this survey is dismantling the myth of the Latin countries that comes out very poor from it. The EU should be worried that with Brexit they are going to lose the best-performing sex country in the
whole continent!”

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