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30 Days to a Stress Free Christmas

Stress is something that these days seems hard to avoid! As we live our lives at a constantly increasing speed it seems that more and more of us are affected by stress. This is no more apparant than at Christmas when the build up of frantic festive activities can boil over!

Help is at hand with a brand new book. "Stress Free in 30 Days" is a simple and targeted book to help you live a stress free life!

"We all have stresses to deal with" says author Charles Linden "It is not always about removing the stress from your life, but more about how you deal with it that is the key to feeling less stressed"

Each chapter covers different causes of stress and gives practical and simple advice to deal with situations so that stress doesn't become a problem.

"Christmas is a key stress trigger due to the high expectations people often put on that one day! Pre-planning and budgeting can ease the pressure for many, or learning how to deal with volatile family situations can turn a fraught Christmas into an enjoyable one!"

Stress Free in 30 Days costs £17.99 and is available in Waterstones, WH Smith and Amazon


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