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Groundbreaking Corporate Stress programme tackles the 'Stress Mess' in the Workplace

For over a decade The Linden Method has been the first line of defence and the solution for individuals all over the world who suffer from stress and anxiety related conditions. Now in response to recent survey results around stress in the workplace have created the corporate STRESS AWAY Programme.

Reseach commissioned by the international Stress Management Association UK (ISMA) and Royal & Sun Alliance reveals that 70% of UK adults have experienced stress in the workplace. Nearly half (49%)of those who experienced stress at work indicated that it had increased over the last 12 months.

ISMA's Chair of the National Stress Awareness Day Committee, Carole Spiers said "The figures of 7 out of 10 working adults experiencing stress make shocking reading. Companies clearly have a massive problem on their hands which they cannot afford to ignore. Unless they implement practices, policies and procedures to reduce stress, it will impact on their performance and ultimately their long-term success"

Of course companies now have a duty of care for each and every employee. Because of the recent surge in litigation by employees against employers who may do very little to alleviate work stress or tackle its effects, companies are now becoming all too aware of the risks associated with stress in the workplace. It is all too obvious that stress affects productivity and moral and can, potentially, cost the employer a substantial amount of money and time to correct these issues.

But now help is on hand to employers with the STRESS AWAY Corporate programme. A unique, cost effective and practical solution for employers to meet their obligations to employees, reduce the amount of sick days taken for stress related illness and in turn increase productivity.

STRESS AWAY is an easy to access and confidential programme of education and recovery for employees suffering with stress related conditions and comes with management training workshops, unlimited telephone and email support and usage statistics for employers. Employees can access the programmes on line from home or work or request printed versions.

The programme's "back to work" policy means that employees make a swift recovery whilst maintaining their work role, which reduces disruption and decline in productivity and fulfils the duty of care as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive.

Charles Linden, CEO STRESS AWAY says "This is the simple and effective answer to employers prayer's with regard to the 'stress mess' that seems to be at epidemic proportions. We know we can take care of stress and anxiety in the workplace, allowing employers to get on with taking care of business. Businesses simply can not afford not to have this programme"

For more information about the STRESS AWAY programme go to or call Jules Farrington-Griffiths on 01562 850740 or email