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STRESS - The 2nd biggest cause of lost working days!

With reports on the BBC this morning revealing that the amount of money lost through sick days is approaching the total budget of for the NHS! It is interesting to find out which illnesses are causing the most time off work and costing industry so much money!

After Musculoskeletal disorders, STRESS is the second most commonly reported cause of time off work according to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

This represents an estimated average of 30.2 working days lost per year per affected case and makes stress, depression or anxiety one of the largest contributors to the overall estimated annual days lost from work related illnesses.

The recently conducted PWC surveys estimated that in 2007 13.6% of British Workers believed their jobs were extremely or very stressful.

But what can employers do about this? Employers now have a duty of care for each and every employee and companies are becoming all too aware of the risks associated with stress in the workplace. It is all to obvious that stress affects productivity and moral and can, potentially cost the employer a substantial amount of money.

One solution that smart companies are turning to is The Stress Away programme which as been developed by Stress and Anxiety Expert Charles Linden. Drawing on a decade of knowledge and the experience of helping over 95,000 individuals tackle stress and anxiety issues, The Stress Away programme is a cost effective and proven solution with a 'back to work' policy that ensures minimum impact of absenteeism and loss of productivity.

The programme is an easy to access and confidential programme of education and recovery for empoyees and comes with management training workshops, unlimited telephone and email support by trained councellors and usage statistics for employers. Employees can access the programme on line from home or work or request printed versions.

Charles Linden says" Our programme is a unique and effective solution for all work related stress and anxiety which currently often requires time off work. We are experts in dealing with stress issues and by offering your employees this programme, we can take care of any stress or anxiety in your workplace - whilst you take care of your business!"

For more information about Stress Away go to or call Jules Farrington-Griffiths, Programme Coordinator on 01562 851908 / 07973 745780 or email

Interviews or quotes etc can be arranged through Chris Evans at The Linden Centre on 01562 742004.