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As the National Audit Office announced this morning that the NHS spends nearly £700 on clinical negligence cover for every live birth in England, the figures came as no surprise to maternity charity Baby Lifeline, a national charity that aims to achieve the best care and outcomes for pregnant women and their babies. It ties in with the NHS Litigation Authority’s (NHS LA) own report, Ten Years of Maternity Claims – An analysis of NHS Litigation Authority Date that was released in October 2012, and shaped Baby Lifeline’s Birth 2UK subsidised training programme as a direct response. Yet despite the high cost of medical insurance, the charity is still struggling to fill its places because NHS funds are not being made available to train staff.

The NHS LA report revealed that 5,087 maternity claims had been reported to the NHS LA involving incidents occurring between 1 April 2000 and 31 March 2010. The three most common categories of maternity claim identified in the report...

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