To All Those Who Mum - Beards & Daisies celebrate all Mums this Mothers Day

To All Those Who Mum
To All Those Who Mum

To the single Mums doing it all on their own. The step Mums who defy all Disney stereotypes. The dog Mums treating their pet as if it was their first-born. The friend-group Mums making sure everyone gets home safe. The Dads who’ve also had to play Mum. The work Mums who look out for us every day. The Mums to be, or the Mums who really hope that this year is their year. We see you all, and we celebrate each and every one of you.

The ‘did you get home safe?’ text. A hug just when you needed one. Dropping round a sweet-treat in the middle of a hard week. Knowing you better than you know yourself.

Celebrate your Mum this Mothers Day at Beards & Daisies. With our gorgeous selection of houseplants, dried flowers and gifting items, you’ll find the perfect way to say ‘I appreciate you’.

Our Mothers Day range starts at £6 and launches on Friday 17th February. Exclusively available at

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