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New Bottled Water Combats Acne

Nutraceuticals company, Works With Water, today launches the UK’s first spring water containing ingredients clinically proven to help reduce acne.

The water, Beauty, contains the ingredient Praventin, a bioactive protein rich in Lactoferrin. In several human studies, Praventin and Lactoferrin have been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities, helping prevent the formation of blemishes and spots due to its antimicrobial effects.

Acne is usually thought of as a teenage problem but increasingly women in their late twenties, thirties and forties are suffering, with a third reporting that they still get spots.

Jules Birch, founder of Works With Water, said: “Praventin has been shown to be highly effective in improving the complexion from the inside out and works in two ways.

“Firstly it inhibits the development of the propionibacterium that is present on most people’s skin, and responsible for many skin impurities and acnes, lessening the number of new spots forming.

“Secondly, its anti-inflammatory properties mean that the size of spots is reduced and blemishes heal quicker resulting in a smoother complexion.

“By adding it to a spring water formulation we have created a product that helps hydrate and heal skin from the inside.”

The effects of dietary supplementation with praventin have been proven in studies with teenage consumers with a median decrease of complexion blemishes by 71 percent after one month and 95 percent after two months.

In the studies subjects took 200mg of Praventin each day. Beauty contains 100mg, half of the recommended daily amount.

Beauty also contains 200:1 high extract Aloe Vera which has an antimicrobial and nourishing effect on the skin.

Kavan Ranasinghe, Food & Ingredients Business Manager at DKSH Great Britain said: “Bioactive peptides are a new area of research within both the food and cosmetics industries and the functionality of Praventin combines these two areas perfectly.

“We strongly believe that this will be the year that cosmaceutical products finally come of age.

“Works With Water’s Beauty water is a fantastic example, combining great design with real functionality, something not seen before within this sector in the UK.”

With its stylish packaging design, Beauty has already been listed by Tesco and Morrisons and both will stock the water from tomorrow.

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Notes to Editors:


Praventin™ is a natural ingredient, derived from milk and created by a proprietary process that concentrates a bioactive complex from whey, rich in the lactoferrin fraction.

Consumer studies with teenage subjects demonstrated that nutritional supplementation with Praventin™ is supportive in reducing the blemishes associated with a poor complexion, as assessed by a dermatologist.
Acne is one of the most recognisable skin conditions affecting 85% of young adults aged 12-24 years old

Works With Water

The Works with Water range was launched in 2006 by founder Jules Birch and is now sold in selected stores of Tesco, Morrisons & Booths WWW works in partnership with global ingredients specialists DKSH who are experts in the field of ingredients and nutrition WWW is the only spring water range delivering clinically proven health benefits across digestive, bowel, bone, heart and skin health The waters within the range, which deliver fibre, calcium absorption and prebiotic benefits, contain varying formulations of Beneo™ – which is a natural ingredient containing inulin and oligofructose 120/80 is the UK’s only spring water to contain dairy peptides which are clinically proven to reduce blood pressure when consumed as part of a healthy diet All the waters in the range are preservative-free, sugar free, naturally flavoured, and are suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, coeliacs and pregnant women
2008 will see WWW introduce multipacks into its range in direct response to consumers who are seeing the clear health benefits of drinking the waters each day This spring the company will launch Beauty™, the UK’s first spring water to have clinically proven benefits for the skin

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