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That’s what could be on the cards for snorers and their partners from now on. Because for anyone affected by snoring, it’s no joke. It has been linked to fatigue, irritability, hearing loss and headaches - and that’s just for the partner. For the actual snorer, the risks include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, hearing loss, depression, weight gain, headaches and sexual dysfunction - not to mention marital stress and divorce.

To help, Amirose have launched Breathe Free, the first FDA-approved disposable anti-snoring device made from medical grade material. Completely drug-free, it is a soft nasal dilator with a U-shaped design and oval ends. These fit comfortably inside the nose on either side of the septum (where they soften further with body heat), and apply regulated pressure - and a gentle massaging action - to the trigeminal nerve which opens the nasal passages. The result is...

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