Gay Wedding Guide Launched for UK Wedding

Gay Wedding Guide
Gay Wedding Guide

Giving suppliers the confidence to access the gay wedding market.

There have been over 15,000 same-sex marriages in England, Wales and Scotland since it became legal. However, the wedding industry has not adapted to this new market quickly enough.

Petra Truneckova, founder of Gay Wedding Planner, commented: “I see a lot of marketing literature and contractual documents from all kinds of wedding suppliers and there are often traditional terms such as ‘bride and groom’ and ‘bridal suite’. I often give suppliers feedback to help them to be more inclusive and ultimately more successful as a wedding business.”

Adding: “I also find some suppliers lack the confidence to work with gay couples. This is probably because many haven’t done one before and the format can be very different to traditional weddings."

In response, gay wedding expert Petra Truneckova has written a guide for UK wedding suppliers to help them to work with LGBT clients and adapt their business to access this lucrative market.

The book is available for immediate download from

Petra Truneckova commenting: “{{I love working with gay couples as there is so much more flexibility and an opportunity to be more creative}}. I want other suppliers to experience this too."

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