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New BenQ research shows most children spend two hours a day using screened devices at home

3rd March 2016, London: The majority of children are spending two hours or more a day in front of screened devices when at home, according to new research from BenQ, which also reveals 72% of parents are happy to allow their kids to use a smartphone or tablet.

The research, conducted with 500 UK parents of children aged 15 years or under, reveals that 74% of children spend on average 14 hours a week using screened devices at home. In contrast only 11% of parents say their children spend more than 10 hours playing outside a week.

With such high technology usage, only 18% of parents say they did not worry about their child’s eye health when using screened devices, with 64% citing worries about behavioural issues and 34% concerned about poor posture. Over half (55%) say they are also anxious about the impact of the use of screened devices on their...

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